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Software Development Professionals are in Huge Demand
FdSc Software Development

This programme will prepare you to meet the growing demand within the IT sector for trained software developers, who are required to have a high-level understanding of coding and frameworks than ever before. The growing popularity of the web and application branch of the IT sector has resulted in an increasing need for software development skills. As a graduate software developer, you will have the skills and training required to meet the complex needs of the computing sector. Careers in software development include: - Applications developer - Game developer - Information systems manager - Multimedia programmer - Web developer.

About this Programme

This programme aims to meet the demand for fast-thinking and fresh coders by providing a comprehensive understanding of practices and frameworks. Every week, the boundaries of what computers and connected devices can offer are pushed further by new and innovative solutions to problems and tasks. The programme will also allow you to develop your skills and practices through a variety of exciting and innovative challenges at industry level whilst meeting an academic standard.

You will acquire and develop skills and techniques for identifying, analysing and testing IT solutions. You will also have the opportunity to apply new and modern models, techniques and tools for implementing custom designs of IT solutions and deliver high standard software products for various platforms, whilst meeting the ethical and professional standards required by business and the industry.

Both Levels Will Incorporate:

Systems analysis and database design. Full software development workflow including planning and deployment, making use of frameworks, IDEs and repositories while also maintaining version histories- UX/GUI design, with students considering principles of ‘Human Computer Interaction’ (HCI) and the importance of a positive user experience in the design and development of software interfaces and features.

What You Will Learn Year 1

- Professional and Study Skills
- Introduction to Programming and Frameworks
- Database Design and Implementation
- IT Infrastructure and Maintenance
- Web Development
- Business Systems and Process Automation

What You Will Learn Year 2

- Advanced Programming
- Security and Intrusion Prevention
- Application Development
- Robotic Process Automation
- Major Development Project

What Next?

This course will enable you to progress onto the BSc (Hons) Computing Technologies Top-Up degree at University Centre Grimsby, whilst also providing the necessary skills for you to study a Masters in the pathway of your choice. You many also wish to add to your skills by undertaking professional certification programmes offered by companies such as CISCO, Microsoft or Adobe. If you choose to enter employment, you will be qualified for a range of entry level roles across the IT industry, whilst also holding transferable skills in industries such as media or games development.

Entry Requirements

Standard entry requirement for the degree will be 80 UCAS points, with a minimum of grade ‘4’ in GCSE English or equivalent (Functional Skills Literacy Level 2 or Adult Literacy Level 2), and grade ‘4’ in GCSE Mathematics or equivalent (Functional Skills Numeracy Level 2 or Adult Numeracy Level 2). The TEC Partnership will also encourage applications from non-traditional learners who lack formal academic qualifications for the standard entry route. All such non-traditional applicants will be interviewed, set an appropriate piece of work (a research based written assignment investigating a current topic within the digital technologies sector), asked to provide evidence of relevant digital product development and a judgement made taking into account their academic potential and relevant experience.

UCAS Code:
Credit Level: 5
Credit Value: 240
Course Start Date:
Course Duration: 2 years full-time Course Fees: £8,500 per year

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